Why I hate gratitude

Gratitude is something I've struggled with. 

In fact I loathe it. I've written about this several times. But, alas, here we are.

It comes down to a belief system that is no longer serving me. 

My former beliefs about gratitude:

It will slow me down to be grateful for everything. 
It's extremely vulnerable to just fawn over things in my life.
If I'm grateful I won't have that edge to push harder. 
I will become lazy. 
I will have to grow a ponytail and wear shirts that say "Namaste in bed."

But then I listened to a podcast about a guy, Graham Duncan, founder of a large investment firm and financial wizard, who practices gratitude. This killer in the boardroom...practices gratitude. 

It blew me away. He said what a profound effect it had on his life.

Why did I need that validation? Why him?

A. My little ego needed a "successful" man to be able to do it. 
B. I wanted to see someone I admired practice it. 
C. If someone who works in a cutthroat industry like his can make time for something he finds precious, well, I've got no excuse. 

And thus I've embarked on a daily practice of gratitude. Finding the small things that I take for granted. 

Because here's the pisser, when I do achieve those "big" things, and I haven't put the leg work in now to appreciate what I have, I will never feel it. 

It's like starting all over again. Going back to basics. And letting my heart explode at something I am truly grateful for. Over and over and over again.

Now, maybe you are better than me. I hope you are. But if you aren't, hop on this gratitude train. It may just change your life. 

It's changing mine...and I'm damn grateful for it. 



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