Weaponizing what comes easy!

The things we are best at are the things we are best at. 

This is something that I've poo poo'd for years. I wanted to be better at other things. Things that weren't necessarily in my wheelhouse. Things that may have been sexier on paper. Someone who was good at math. Brilliant at science. Outstanding in many languages. An amazing baseball player. But alas, I am not. 

I am a meditator. I can feel deeply what others feel. I listen beyond the words. I do not judge when someone is sharing their problems. I will fight to the death for loyalty. I am persistent and change my mind, a lot. I am vulnerable and extremely ruthless...when I want to be.

These are me.

I never saw them as strengths. I hated them. I wanted the other things. 

And yet, these are things I am inherently good at. They are cultivated over almost four decades. 

But why were they ignored?

Because they come to me naturally. They are enjoyable. They are close to the heart. There is very little struggle with it. It feels "too easy." It's too internal. Not shiny enough. Not enough proof. Too "feelings" based.

What a joke. 

So, if you are like me, and have ignored these qualities, I would stop it. I am stopping it. 

Embrace them. Embody them. And use them to their fullest extent. 

They are a weapon.

Ohhh, that feels goooood. 



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