The cinnamon roll paradox of choice

The new I Am Man. program.

When I drink more than one cup of coffee I lose my mind. 

I no longer can drink alcohol. 

Too much sugar and I'm a cracked out nut job. 

A week of not working out, I get a cloudy funky mind. 

A missed meditation equals a really strange Bryce.

A fear of missing out has led to most of my bad decisions. 

I know these things about myself. Do I still do them? Yes. (Except alcohol). I'm human. Sometimes, I do them to the extreme. I'm an extreme human.

But here's the key, when I am done suffering for the day, week or month, I know how to snap out of it. I've mapped out what makes me tick. I'm pretty aware. And it's my choice whether to continue or stop. 

It's when we are unaware that the issues arise. Why do I feel like this? Why can't I get out of bed? Why do I react? Why can't I snap out of it? 

It is part of the human journey to answer those questions. To see what makes US tick. Because again, once we have those answers, we have a choice. We are not held hostage to unknown variables anymore.

We are in charge! Even if you want to binge on cinnamon rolls, at least now it's a conscious suffer. 



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