Either/Or a choice that may not have to be made...

The new I Am Man. program.


You can have one but not both. 

Up until now this is how I operated. I didn't realize it. Unfortunately or fortunately I had to learn a very real and painful lesson. Devastating. But, it had to be learned. 

To have both in life, there must be an acknowledgment of:

1. What do you want?
2. Why don't you think you can have both?
3. What would happen if you could have both?
4. What would need to change?

And for me, what needed to change was a level of responsibility I hadn't quite been willing to accept. 

I wanted X and I wanted Y. I hadn't, up until now, really seen a model where they both worked at the level I wanted...and so I assumed they couldn't co-exist. 

And then what happened? Half lives. X gets a little. Y gets a little. But neither gets it all. And why? Again, because I didn't believe I could. 

If you want it all. Get it. Acknowledge it. Claim it. Create a strategy and settle for nothing less. 

Either /Or, in my opinion is simply a lack of ownership.  Trust me, I know it well. 



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