Finding the Tribe

Women, please share with your male friends and partners. One female client said about this program, "Every woman should have her partner go through this so we can have our men back." 
The new
I Am Man. program.

The tribe. This is key in life. A tribe that pushes you. That sees your dark spots and calls you out on them. The places where you hide. 

The tribe is key when you need Truth. When you need to push through crap. When you need to roar. 

The tribe will catch you when you fall. When you fail. When you quit. 

The tribe is a place where vulnerability will soar. Where it is expected. Where it is respected. 

The tribe is a thing of beauty. It ain't easy. It ain't always fun. But It is standing up in the world. 

It is power. 

Find the tribe, become your life. 



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