How not to be nice in business

How to not be nice...

I recently began a corporate coaching company with my partner Katie Tyson and one of the top things we see with our coachees is the "nice person" syndrome. 

The thing about being a "nice person" is that it is often extremely inefficient. Always saying Yes. Always being the person that understands. That puts themselves last. And what happens? 

Goals are not achieved. Goals that they were hired to achieve. Greater goals than being nice. 

Now, of course, this is not me saying to be an asshole. To hurt. To be cruel. Uncaring. Ungrateful. NO. Absolutely not. 

But, I am saying that being nice removes responsibility of saying NO. Of prioritizing that which is important. Of making the tough decisions of what is essential and what is not. 

We are not responsible for other people's reactions if we are in integrity with ourselves.

I see one of the greatest issues of being "nice" in corporate America is over extension in hopes of doing it all and accomplishing nothing. 

So, the question is...what is essential to you and your mission in work and in life? Do that. Focus on that.

Own that. 



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