Destroying the square peg

The truth is we have to experiment. We need to fail. We need to win. 

It needs to have periods where it is messy. Chaotic. 

It's life. It will hurt. It will suck. It will rock. It will love. 

There is no right way. We may think there is. We may be told there is. 

But there isn't. And why?

Because humans aren't static creatures. 

We all have different stories. Sexes. Races. Ideas. Meanings. Locations. 

And once we get ok with that, well, life can change. 

It becomes powerful. Instead of it being about suffering and trying to fit a square peg into a round hole,

We get to destroy the peg. The hole. And we get to decide how we want things to fit.

Based on US. No one else but US. 



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