The worst time is the best time

To do anything!

Now of course there are exceptions, but what I've found is that when something we really want to do or accomplish, there is rarely a good time. And thus, it is the best time. 

We can wait for a better time. We can pray for a better time. 

But alas, it rarely ever comes. 

And normally, that "worst time" falls during a time where we are committed to others. Where if we choose ourselves to do this thing, we will disappoint someone else. 

How fantastic and sick is that!?! Orchestrated perfectly to see who we will choose. 

Now there is no right or wrong answer. It's simply awareness. And making the choice from awareness is the most important thing. Not from reaction. Not from feeling like a bad person. 

Rather, feeling like a powerful person. I AM MAKING THIS CHOICE BECAUSE I CHOOSE TO! I WANT TO!

Not, I have to. I need to. I should. 

The worst time is usually the best time. If that intersection of choice comes, be on the look out for what you really want. 

And choose. 



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