Finish Everything on Your Plate

"Finish everything on your plate."

A phrase taught to children around the world. 

And if that didn't work, "There are kids starving in Africa."

A hint of guilt to go with that meal? Now eat!

This interesting habit is developed, eating when we aren't actually hungry. We eat beyond our capacity. We over eat.

We actually feel guilty throwing food away. We would rather jam it in our guts and feel disgusting than waste. 

Which begs the question, where else are we force feeding ourselves? Not just food but say with time. With doing things we don't actually want to do. With saying NO. With social media. With work. With people.

Fear based conditioning. 

Ahhh but the beautiful thing with this is that our body knows. It knows when enough is enough. It knows when it needs silent time. A day off. A new job. More love. Healthier food. Bigger fun. Laughing. Playing. Crying. Opening. 

It knows. And to break the tradition of conditioning and to actually see what we truly want in this life, begin by listening. 

Hear what it's saying. 

Then take action. Step by step. Minute by minute.

Then watch the changes multiply. 


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