An unpacked suitcase is like a rotting carcass.

I've always found that if I don't unpack my suitcase the minute I get home, disaster. 

That suitcase will sit there for days if not weeks. I will slowly pick things out of it that I need. I'll wash a few items here and there. And eventually, it will begin to look like a hollowed out carcass with pieces of meat left on the bone. 

Never fully completed. Always in the corner of my mind.

Moral of the story, gut it all in one go. There is a very small time window and it's best to catch it immediately. Finish the job. Clean, precise, complete. 

This time window can be applied to life as well. These things we know we have to do. Things that can be done immediately. A solid effort and it's complete.

However, often times our brain says no. I'll do it later. I'm tired. I don't want to!

And what happens? A rotting carcass of a task weighing in the background. Always there. Nagging. Persisting. Eating up precious energy and headspace. 

It's crucial to catch these unpacked suitcases. Get it over with. Do what needs to be done and go back to enjoying the rest of your life knowing you tackled what needed to be tackled. 

(I'm not sure how to weave rotting carcass again at the end here so I'll just say it for dramatic effect.)




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