4 simple words that can change our lives

Four very simple words can change the course of our lives:

What Do I Want?

Sure, most of us have an idea- money, love, security, new job, better relationships, etc. 

Those are good. They're fine. But they're rarely meaty enough to warrant a change. 

To be a catalyst. A spark. A guiding light in the darkest of times. 

When we know what we truly want, momentum can build. We have a direction. A purpose. More than just the next step in the corporate ladder. 

It's ours. It can't be taken away. It's core.

Now, it can get a bit heady if we are looking at this wanting and not really knowing what it is. 

So, start small. Build the feeling. 

"I know I want more freedom." Cool, that's a good start. What does that feel like? Where do you feel that? Cultivate that. Practice that.

Then begin to ask yourself if your daily actions are fueling that wanting. Does xyz get me closer to the feeling of freedom or further away? 

Once you begin to establish the feeling, you can then begin to clarify more of the wanting. 

This process is powerful because it gives us steps to achieve in this process of life. And it isn't from the mind. It's from the body. It's using everything we have. 

We are building a foundation to get what we really want. 



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