Emotions are not weakness

When I was consulting at a consulting firm, the two most common conversations I had with people were around fear and insecurity.

They were terrified about losing their jobs and insecure that everyone else was better than them. 

Now keep in mind, these people were damn smart. Top of their classes. They were the "best of the best."

Mostly men. 

And yet, the human condition was no less common. No less poignant.

I shared with them they were not alone. That everyone I spoke to felt, at some level, this fear and insecurity. Virtually no one was immune. 

This had a profound effect on them. Why? Because they were allowed to be human. They were allowed to feel. They didn't have to live in a hole of self doubt. Worry. And hell. 

Because when we do feel these emotions and do nothing about it, well, disaster. 

We begin to work harder, but not smarter. We spend an inordinate amount of time suppressing these feelings. We find ways to numb the pain...alcohol, drugs, social media, T.V. We unknowingly weaken what makes us strong in hopes that it will be a short term solution. 

But it rarely works. Trust me. I tried it all. 

However, the beauty of it is, there's always a solution. 

Here are the four of the best tips I can give to people:

First, Start asking yourself, what do I want and why?

The second tip is to stop the numbing. Cut out the excess shit and see what you're really feeling. It's not comfortable but at least you'll know where you stand. 

Third, attack. Start to see where these insecurities pop up. What triggers them? Why? How do you react? What's deeper? 

Fourth, get an ally. Someone who can help. If we were all olympians of our lives, we would have a team of coaches. Trainers. Mentors. Course correcting. Monitoring. Seeing what we can't see. 

Essentially get eyes on our blindspots and strengthen them. I don't care who or what method we use, it's crucial to have someone or something to help adjust our trajectory. 

We all have emotions. We all have feelings. There is no escaping it. We are human. But to avoid them is silly. To view them as a weakness is even sillier.

So the question is, how can we use these things to be ridiculously successful in everything we do in life? How do they become our secret weapon? Game on.

I currently have one space left for a Men's Prototype Coaching program. It's at a discounted price because it is a prototype but is meant to get at the heart of everything I spoke about above. It's an ass kicker and goal achiever. Email me if you or someone you know wants to participate. 



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