4 hallmarks of a good plan.

The Why. Commitment. Accountability. And Action. 

These are the 4 hallmarks of any good plan. 

If one is off, the cookie crumbles. 

The WHY is the fuel. It drives the whole damn thing. 

The commitment is deciding that you, and what you want, are invaluable and will achieve it at any cost. 

Accountability is essential to keeping at it when things are slow. It is the glue that holds the beast together. 

Action. None of it matters if no action is taken. Action to grow. To be afraid. To stretch beyond what we think we are capable of. To get life!

And so after testing multiple modalities, I've put together a program that uses these 4 pillars. 

I'm in prototype phase right now. I'm offering it to 4 men (of course I won't say no to women), but I am shifting my focus on becoming a coach of men. These 4 spots are open until the end of next week. Again, it is a prototype that is meant to help you achieve what you want. Push your boundaries. Step up in life. Feel happier. Accomplished. Clear.

And along with it comes massive accountability. 

If you are interested or know of anyone, here is the link: http://brycekennedy.co/mens-prototype

Take a look and please refer anyone that is ready for a two month, pressure cooker, that will shed the old and begin the new!



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