Time is a weapon to harness.

It's invasive to get a call from someone you don't know. Or a text. Or any kind of solicitation. 

It's your phone. Your email. Your space. It feels like a violation. 

So why is our time different?

Why is it given away so freely. To others. 

People who think their time is more important than ours.  

They manage our time. Decide how they use it. Meetings. Calls. 9am-7pm. When we eat. Take vacation. Go to sleep. What we do on our free time. 

Are we checking emails? Habitually plugged into social media? Staying late at work "voluntarily"? Worrying?

It's the one thing we can't get back again. 

Time is a phenomenal resource to harness. If aligned properly to who you are and what you want, it can be a weapon of achievement. 

Begin by looking for the "time sucks" in life. See where you've handed over time to people. And begin to ask why? Fear? Habit? Laziness? Comfort? 

Or was it a choice? 

Nothing to judge. Simply become aware and choose. 



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