A powerful tip to use during the chaos

Go inward.

It is without a doubt one of the most important exercises a person can do. 

When we are caught in the chaos. When our thoughts overwhelm every minute. When fears begin an emotional spiral...

Go inward.

It is there that the storm silences. The nature of one's Self is revealed. 

In a time where we don't know what to believe. Which end is up. What will happen next...

Go inward.

And while this may seem like a luxury or something merely to calm the nerves, I promise, it is way more powerful than that. It is the force that will bring clarity and power. The foundation of your truth.

Go inward. 

I'm helping instruct a powerful meditation. It is called Awakening the Third Eye. It comes but twice a year and is the foundation for all the major changes in my life.  Check it out and forward to anyone who may want to go inward.  Many thanks.




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