Decide that there is more and there will be more

When we own our space, we own our lives. It's very simple and yet extremely difficult to put into practice. 

Two types of space: Inner and Outer. Inner- feelings, emotions, thoughts, wounds, energy, etc. Outer: Physical space like home, office, clothing, people, anything in your environment. 

We are taught to focus on the outer. But only in so much as it is for appearance sake. Everything is polished, refined, neat, orderly, boxes checked. However, it is very rarely geared into who we are. Truly who we are. If we took a minute and asked ourselves, "how do I feel in this space?," we may get some pretty startling realizations. We may not like any of it. It may not be us. And if it ain't us, we die. A piece of us succumbs to the material world and we go numb. We check out. We go through the motions. 

Now, if we follow this same numbing out process, we will realize a lot of people do it in their inner space as well. "Everything is fine. I'm lucky. It's good. I feel whatever." The hiccup with that is if that's how we feel, we are missing out on owning our inner space. HUGE issue when we are wanting to tap into a rare, sacred inner power. 

So what do we do? Start with that question I mentioned above: How do I feel in this space? Ask it for inner space and outer space. Get a sense of how YOU feel. 

And from there begin to make changes. See what's not working. What belief patterns aren't helpful in the inner. See if your home feels powerful and your office allows the juices to flow. Begin to acknowledge your space. Feel it. Go deeper. And then take up more of it. Decide. Choose. Demand that your space be your space. 

No exceptions. Nothing, NOTHING, no one, no how, is allowed to own the space but you. It's a hell of a process. And it is exceptional to own inner and outer space. 

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