It has to be earned...or does it?

"I've Earned this vacation."

"I've Earned a day off."

"I've Earned this car."

Earning. What an interesting concept. It must be Earned. Because if it isn't, what happens? 

You become lazy. Egotistical. Slothful. Greedy. Unappreciative. 

So, you work hard for it. Save up. Pinch pennies. EARN IT! Just like your family did before you and theirs before them. Blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifice. 

However, I wonder, must it be Earned? As you read this, see if there is a reaction in the body to that question? 

What if it came simply? What if it came easily? What if it came from something you loved doing? Say heaps of whatever IT was, it came. 

Wouldn't that be something. 

And the funny thing is that I think we would still be appreciative. We would still contribute to society. We would not die out in a tub full of jelly donuts and an IV drip of Hawaiian Punch. 

I think this idea of Earn is an engrained belief that helps us feel worthy about receiving something we want and deserve. Like a dog who does a trick for a treat. 

Does this mean quit your job and wait to receive? No. It means that IF we are all waiting to enjoy life until it has been Earned, we are fucked. 

Start to see the beliefs around Earning. We all may be making this life a lot harder than it has to be simply because our definition is outdated. 

Just scratching the surface here with this concept. Much more to see. 



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