Deeper Levels of Success

Deeper levels of success are always the goal. But, as we move from just having success to having deep levels of success, we need to begin to redefine exactly what that means. 

Is it more than a job? Is it more than money? Is it more than a few checked boxes?

Deeper, to me, usually means there is more to uncover within oneself. Beyond the superficial levels of feeling. Deeper becomes apparent when you feel like you are numb. That nothing changes week to week. That you're going through the motions. Stuck at one level and ready to go to the next. But also, how nothing in the material world is quite satisfying. There's a meatier ummmph under there. That's where you go to go deeper. 

Success, to me, is aligning with a powerful force within yourself that shatters the norm. That goes beyond what we think success is and digs for more. Other levels that most are unwilling to go to. 

Most of my clients come to me when they are ready for that. They've reached some level in the work life that is quite successful. They don't necessarily worry about money or position. That's all good. Boxes checked. 

However, something is missing. There is a void. A lack of heart. Material success achieved. Now time for the next levels. 

Ohhhh and this is the fun part. Because it is always so much more different than they think it would be. Exploration in the self explodes into all areas of life. Everything begins to scale. Massiveness on all fronts. 

So, when? Well, what I've found is people just have had enough. They are ready for more, but they don't know what it is. It's that next level. That deeper level...of success. 

Forward on!



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