Time to admit something

We all have this thing, somewhere inside us, where we care. 

We do care. We care for others. In a very big way. 

I see it, in pretty much everyone. 

Now, does this caring get to live out its fullest potential?

Most times not. 

It's too difficult. Too vulnerable. Too painful. 

At least that is how most of us experience this depth of caring. 

So, we close. We hide. We distract. We numb. We shift. We disappear. 

And no wonder, we've never really been shown the ropes. How to actually care and feel strong at the same time. 

How to feel empowered through caring and not a doormat. 

It's a damn shame I even need to write this email but, that's where we are in the world. 

And the very first step is admitting that you care. That's the big one. 

"Damnit, I actually do care. Sonofabitch." 

From there, all will begin to unfold. But it's in that initial admission where the magic begins. 

We care. Time to own it. 

Love, a very caring, sometimes hard to admit it because its damn vulnerable, 



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