Here's to Passion!

For the last 4 years I've been working towards becoming an IST practitioner. Last year I was made one. This year I finally integrated it into my business. 

And became my business. 

It's nowhere on my website. I don't advertise it. And yet...people find me. 

I'm extremely protective of it because I know of nothing else like it and I worked my ass off to get it. 

It's meditative. It can be intense. It breaks through incredibly stuck habits and thought patterns. It is healing. It is deconstructing. It is experiential.

But most of all it returns people back to their Truth. No drama. No chaos. Simple. Power and Truth. 

By finding something that helped change my life, and then helping others, I found my passion. 

Funny how it works. 

Here's to PASSION!



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