The werewolf in the woods behind my house

When I was a young boy, many moons ago, I believed there were werewolves lurking in the woods behind our house. I read all about how they hunted innocent boys, much like myself, and either killed them or turned them into howling fiends from hell.

Terrifying. To exacerbate the problem, I was watching the tv with my dad one night that "confirmed" werewolves were real (probably a cable show I was too young to know was fake...I hope). 

But in my mind, it was confirmed, on TV! I was doomed for many more years after that. 

I realize how impressionable I was that day. 

The thing is, werewolves are real. Maybe not like we think but their effects are. 

Fear. Lurking in the dark. The unknown creature waiting to strike. 


They (whoever they are) want us to believe in them. It's good for business. 

However, the more we start to see these societal werewolves, the more we can see what is actually real and what is not. 

They're sneaky. They want you to believe they are real. It's control. Manipulation. 

Play small. Don't take leaps. Be perfect. Compare!

But once you stand in the dark, ROAR, become a beast yourself, then nothing will hurt you. You shatter the illusion.  And then you are bigger than the illusion.  

So, what's your werewolf?




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