Fear based permission

There is this interesting phenomenon I've begun to see in people, 

They are waiting for permission.


It can be in the form of a college degree. A societal approval. A nod from a mentor. A family member giving the go ahead. A certification. An author that writes it. A friend that thinks it's not crazy. 

People all have their forms of permission. And if this permission is not obtained, they wait. 

I see it a lot in my clients. Hell, I've seen a lot of it in myself...cough, cough, why I have a law degree and multiple certifications for wellness. 

And nine times out of ten (Doctors are exempt. Please get your damn permission from MULTIPLE PEOPLE), it's a fear based move. It's another reason to put something off. Wait for that permission...FOREVER. 

There is no time like the present. So ask yourself, "what permission am I waiting for and can I do it now!?"




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