A very large fear

Powerful approaches to becoming what you want most in life.

I fear sometimes that I will be lost. Forgotten. It's a deeply imbedded fear. It haunts me in my sleep. 

Because of this fear there are times I grasp at things. People. Ideas. Jobs. 

It's all to HOLD ON! Do not forget. Do not leave. 

This fear is hidden in me. Tiny, deep down. A little seed. A samskara. 

But this seed has has branches. It spreads. It grows. And it affects all parts of my life. 

Sometimes I can become a very different person because of it. Overly jokey. Mad. Introvert. Slick. 

It affects my thinking. My worries. My motivations. 

All because of this seed. What a profound thing to see. 

Once I saw it, than I could learn from it. I could trace it back to the source. I could see how it manifested in my daily life. The influence it had. 

This is why I meditate. I want to know what's hidden in there. I want to know what's not really me. I want to know what I bloody damn well feel like. I don't want something pulling the strings without my consent. 

Acknowledge, source, feel, and open. 

No thinking. Just feeling. 

Phew, powerful. 

And then you get to be you and I get to be me. Ain't nothing like it in the world. Trust me.




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