A deflection mechanism

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It's Tuesday, let's just dive in. 

My question, how do some of us deflect fear of humiliation?

One of the main ways?

The laugh. The "LOL." The smiley face. The "hahaha."

Humor used as a deflection. 

I've been noticing it more and more. Someone will say or write something very near and dear to their hearts, something that is vulnerable, and boom - a laugh or an emoji. 

And guess what? I'm guilty...hahaha

(See what I did there. I laughed at a very honest moment that makes me uncomfortable). 

It's important to catch this.

This doesn't mean that we need to stop laughing. Stop being goofy. Stop having fun. 

But damn, let's start owning how we feel. It's important to us and there is no reason to minimize it with a deflection mechanism. 

Will it be easy to be that vulnerable? Depends. Will it be difficult to break that habit? Possibly. But...

But...let's stop cheapening ourselves, our feelings, and our words. 




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