This will hurt...and I'm not sorry

I've worked with a lot of people in many different capacities. Sometimes coaching for 6 months. Sometimes a year. A one off feng shui. Or workshop on love. 

But no matter what we've done together, it's always about someone not being content with their life, knowing there is more, and taking action about it. End of story. And I LOVE THAT. 

Of course different people are on different levels. Different wantings of intensity. Of transformation. 

But something I've always wanted to do is find those people who want something fast. Intense. Say... for 4 solid days. 

Just you, me, transformation. No one gets out alive. 

So I decided to offer a 4 day intensive. I come to you. We work one on one. For 4 days. No holds barred. The goal is transformation. To be someone new on the other side. It will be followed up by 3-6 months of skype sessions to keep the momentum in full swing. It's not cheap. It will hurt. But, if you know me by now, when I go all in for someone, I go all in. 

Email me if you would like to chat about this. See if we are a fit. Anywhere in the world. Game on friend. 

Here's to NOW!



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