In a corporate world, different is good.

Powerful approaches to becoming what you want most in life.

I do a lot of corporate workshops. They're interesting. 

I have fun trying to bridge the gap of esoteric knowledge into a tangible, grounded way. 

How to make it work in everyday situations?

How to make it not seem too out there?

How to let people know this can help them if they believe?

Do you know how I do it?

I drop all the bullshit from the questions above and simply talk about it. Just the way I like it. 

Once I stopped trying so hard to make it vanilla pudding, I found that people began to resonate with it. 

It turns out people, deep down, are desperately searching for authenticity. Who knew? Even in a corporate environment. 

And when I forget that, they shut off. It's all been done before. Nothing worth their time. 

But when a former attorney starts talking about how there is a way to live that is wayyy bigger, wayyy more in the flow, wayyy more enjoyable, well, it's different. 

And different is good. In my opinion. 

No more fitting things into boxes. Time to do it our way. Or no way at all. 



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