Do not read this email

It's 11:12pm est. 

I'll be honest, I'm having writers block. So let me share with you a free form stream of my consciousness to help me unblock this. 

Feel free to stop reading and wait for the next post.  If you haven't here we go:

I can't think. I cant think. my mind is racing. sugar is my god. I love Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper, Im listening to it now, I never listen to music when I write but I thought i would give it a try, it's not good. The music is but it messes with my brain. I ate a hot dog today with pizza and green tea ice cream followed by a diet coke, iced coffe and some peanut butter chumper things, I washed 4 loads of laundry with just oxy clean and found out that I was supposed to add detergent to it and now it smells like moth balls, that pissed me off. laundry is ridiculous. RIFUCKINGDICULOUS. I cant get the green tea ice cream out of my mouth, it wwas a pint, not proud. I love the boxers I'm wearing. Now geroge michael is playing. he did it right. I hate my apartment and lvoe it at the same time. I want exposed brick. I have a decsion to make but my mind is clouded and torn. I rode a rollercoaster today. I twas fun but felt like it was crushing my brain. New york is a whore...sometimes. Laywer, firemeow, green tea icecream, probably lose a few followers, pout, rage, yell, manic, will i post this or delete it? blah balha blahalabhab blahbahla I almond butter. If I ever say namaste on these emails and mean it, shoot me. fuckity fuck fuckerson fuckumps mrfuckertillywink sirfuckington assfuckcatdog ppoop. 

And now back to your regular scheduled emails:

Break the rules of everything. Especially emails. 



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