Redefining marriage.

Redefining marriage. This is something my wife and I have been discussing a lot about the last few days. 

What does OUR definition of marriage look like?

There are little things we do that we aren't really sure why we do them. 

Do we want to do them? Or is it an expectation that somehow we unconsciously picked up?

The more Bridget and I grow and evolve, we realize we are hitting up against definitions that no longer suit us. 

It's not easy to recognize immediately because it's so ingrained. But there they are. Waiting to be discovered. 

And it's not always comfortable when we do discover them. There's a sense of security wrapped up in them. 

But again, as we evolve, they no longer suit us. So, we do our damndest to redefine that definition. Make it our own. 

It's interesting to see where this will take us. A new journey. 

Maybe we'll meet a few of you on the way. 



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