The power of fear

We fear what we can't see. 

The possibilities of things going wrong, endless. 

We toss and we turn at this unknown fear. 

We build protection mechanisms. Ways to hide. Play small. Convincing reasons why not to engage. 

And yet, the fear remains. Like a dog hunting for a lost bone. Relentless pursuit. 

The fear is there. 

What I have found to be true is that the fear, when faced, is powerful. 

It is a locked force waiting to be seen. To be tapped. Waiting to be used. Unleashed. 

But for whatever reason, a long time ago, it was pushed down, and judged. 

Acknowledge the fear. See it. Feel it. And then own it. Because if it isn't owned, it will own us. 

Be powerful by unlocking the fear. 



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