Changing my name to BRC (formerly Bryce)

I led this meditation today at Lululemon for 40 men as part of a product launch for Kiehls men's line. 

It was wild. Well known "influencers." All kinds of free products. Clothes galore. 

I was like a kid in a candy shop. 

I was fawning. I found myself thinking about how to adjust the meditation to be "cool."

Thinking what these "influencers" could blog about me. How could I be the next Deepak? Should I change my name to one word? Maybe drop the "Y" and the "E" and just be BRC. All consonants. All capitals. Interesting. 

I almost lost the plot. Almost. 

I know this version of Bryce very well. 

He loves the attention. Loves the limelight. But he loses himself. He's not really him. Me. 

The feeling I get when I'm like this is like being overly caffeinated. Saccharine in nature.  

So, I went into the room after swooning like a drunk fan. 

I sat down. I dropped the bullshit. I breathed into my body. I locked into the silence. I returned to me.

And I did my damn job.

And it was beautiful. The men opened. They breathed. They felt. 

They owned a real part of their masculinity. I did too. 

It's easy to lose our center. But it is so crucial to know it. To return to it. To own it. 

This is the work of being a human. Know thy self. The good, the bad, the ugly. 

Will this happen again? Probably only a million more times. I'm ok with that. As long as I catch it and return to Bryce.

And if I don't...well... you'll be receiving emails from BRC, #namaste #savethewhales #peace #oneheart.



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