Defining Our Ritual of Life

A powerful approach to getting what you want most in life.

I love ritual. It feels like home at a very deep level. The definition is: arising from convention or habit.

Ritual of a meditation. Of a powerful podcast. Of breathing. Of sex. Of prayer. Of gratitude. Of laughing.

Ritual is powerful because it is ours. It's what we make of it.

There are plenty of suggestions out there what our ritual SHOULD be.

How it SHOULD be done. 

But the truth is, a ritual is defined by us. It can feel sacred, special, warming, engaging, enlivening, commencing, and defining. But we feel it. We know it. We understand why.

When the ritual is found, embrace it. Own it.  Soon it becomes deeply engrained in the fabric of our being and transforms a simple habit into powerful self-magic.



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