Love is not the answer

The thing we want most in life is often a red herring, covering up something much more important. 

Take for example love. I am hired by a lot of people to find love. A lot. It's in short supply out there...or so we think.

And my clients usually have done everything in their power to find it. 

They've read the books. They've spoken to friends. They've gone to courses. They've done it all. 

And they should. Do everything! I am totally on board with that. 

However, at some point, when it ain't working, it's time to look deeper. 

Maybe love, in this case, really shouldn't be the goal. 

Maybe it's something inside. A twist somewhere. 

Maybe it's something to do with power. Beliefs. Self-worth. Fears. 

Basically all of these unconscious mechanisms working in the background. Hijacking love. 

And the minute we start to see those. Identify them. Feel into them. Move through them. 

Guess what, LOVE. Like clockwork. 

And this can be applied to pretty much anything in life. Anything you want. 

If you're curious about this process check out this page and feel free to book a discovery call. 



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