The Perfect Police Need to Go to hell

It is with great honor and pride today to write this post and say the following:

We suck. 

Phew, I feel better. 

Now maybe suck is a strong word, but let me explain. 

In comparison to the perfection standards that we are expected to live up to and expect ourselves to live up to, we suck. We will always suck. There will be nothing but a life of sucking. 

It will be an existence of suck. 

There is the perfect body. The perfect job. The perfect partner. The perfect mind. The perfect bank account. The perfect metabolism, thoughts, gratitude, hair, eyesight, boss, penis, breasts, car, jacket, ass, vacation, time, kids, family. 

Perfect. And again, according to those standards, we suck, big time. 

But what if...what if...perfection was an illusion? What if perfection was created by one person or a group of persons that are nothing like you or me. They have never had a the life experiences we have had. They don't have the body types we've had. They don't have the minds we have. They are not US.

What if perfection, was imperfect? What if the whole damn game of the perfect life was bullshit?

Could you imagine what it would be like if we lived exactly how WE were meant to according to OUR personal makeup as human beings?

"We suck" wouldn't exist because there would be no ridiculous perfection standard. 

We would simply...BE. 

I AM THAT I AM. Done. End of story. And you can tell the perfect police to go fuck themselves...with unicorns and rainbows.



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