Entering into magical insanity

A magical insanity is how I know I've tapped into something special. 

I become obsessed. I can't stop. I have to do more. I want more. 

It affects my sleep. It affects my relationships. But damnit to hell, I want it!

When this magical insanity comes, which is not that often, it blooms from a place deep in my soul. 

This is different from pure insanity. It can look similar on the outside. The difference is that it has nothing do with you. It's all for the external

Me being a lawyer was insanity. I became obsessed. I couldn't stop. I had to do more. I wanted more. 

It affected my sleep. It affected my relationships. But, alas there was no soul.

It was survival. It was fear. It was empty. It was a cruel thirst for more that would never be satisfied. 

Be careful of this.

Find the magical insanity and let it flow. Watch the beauty of the universe unfold in your life like never imagined before. 




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