Living the incorrect definitions

Redefining not easy.

When we are born, we are given definitions. Definitions on how to live life. 

They are important to our survival. 

How to behave, what to think, right and wrong, social constructs, etc.

However, at some point, it is our right to begin to redefine our lives. 

To question why we think the way we do. And if these taught definitions actually apply to us. 

Because, in my experience, if we don't start to redefine who we are by DEFINING who we are, everything goes to hell. 

It's why so many people have so much and feel completely empty on the inside. 

We've been living the wrong definitions. 

However, when we decide, and only when we decide to redefine, do we begin to fill up. Feel satiated. 

Live exactly how we goddamn choose to live. 

Today seems like a mighty fine day to begin.



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