The stuff we don't want to see

Layers. Like an onion. Is where it's all hidden. 

"I'm angry." Layer 1. 

"I'm angry because John is a dick." Layer 2. 

"I'm angry because John makes me feel stupid." Layer 3.

"I hate feeling stupid." Layer 4

"Feeling stupid makes me feel like I have no control." Layer 5.

"When I have no control...I'm afraid." Layer 6.

"The fear will destroy me if I feel it." Layer 7.

And down we go. Different emotions. Different feelings. Different triggers. 

But it's all an onion. And most of us get stuck somewhere in the early stages of the layers. 

When we can go deep, we actually get to the seed of it all. We know longer need the layers to cover it. 

And in that seed is us. Our power. Our Truth. Oneness. 

I get stuck in the layers. We all do. Do not beat yourself up. We just were never given the instruction manual to ourselves. 

Peel the onion. Find the seed. And watch life unfold in a very different way.



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