A massive oversight

The heart is a palace of secrets. 

It loves when it wants to love. 

It weeps when it wants to weep.

It breaks when it wants to break.

It explodes when it wants to explode. 

The heart is profound. It has it's own intelligence. 

It knows. 

However, we forget about this. We are slowly taught not to trust it. We judge it. We close it. We associate pain with it. We think it is weak in our vulnerability. 

Ahhh, but we are mistaken. The heart is powerful beyond compare. 

If it were truly lit up and allowed to shine, it would blast an army apart. It would conquer Everest. Search for mysteries of the deep. Travel the world. Live to the fullest. 

Do not mistake the feelings of the heart for weakness, rather acknowledge the pure force and rawness of it and ask yourself,

"Am I ready?"

Whoa! See you on the other side.  





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