The "Why" is the Secret Ingredient

I was having an amazing conversation with a great friend today and we concluded that the "why" was a very important secret ingredient to getting what you want in this zaney life. 

We want Love. Money. Happiness. Whatever. We want IT. 

But why? 

Like, why? why? (the double "why" implies grave seriousness...grave!)

When we get to the why, the depths of the why, oh mama, things open up. 

We begin to see an entirely different universe. 

Why is not always fun. Not always kind. It's confronting. 

But as my good friend pointed out, once you see the why, own it. Do not run from it. Own it. 

So tonight, play with the why. Get down to brass tax and own that badboy. 

Ohhhhh what fun this life can be.

Why? Because...



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