A constant unyielding approach

There is beauty in consistency. It is never ending. Ruthless. Hopeful. Willful. 

It is consistent. 

And when it is geared into something we truly want, it is unstoppable. Unyielding. 

But that's the hiccup. What is it that we truly want? 

When it's a tepid and ambiguous wanting, consistency fails. It's inconsistent. 

No judgment around it. It's just an indication that we may need to get clearer on what we want. 

And so we change it. We rework it. We figure it out. Then, BOOM. Consistency. 

Now sometimes we need help these things. Clarity, wantings, consistency. We are after all human. Not living gods...yet. 

So I invite you to reach out to someone who could help you with that. Myself. A coach. An acupuncturist. A therapist. Everyone and anyone. 

Whoever or whatever it is, let it be clear, let it be Truth, let it be powerful, and let it be you. Yours. And then get what you want.

No holds barred. 




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