To Going All in on this one precious life

Getting crystal clear on what we truly want is quite a powerful process. 

There is no ambiguity. No foolishness. No mucking around. 

It driving a stake in the ground and saying, "This, this is what I want. And if it kills me, I shall get it."

It removes any and all doubt. 

But it takes cojones. 

We are standing in the face of doubt, guilt, shame, family, friends, society...

and claiming our lives as our own. 

This is not for the faint of heart. 

It will take work. It will take will. It will take clarity. 

But it's ours. It's yours. It's mine. 

And once we decide to go after it...well, we go all in. 

Here's to going all in on this one precious life. 



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