Blocking the ease of life

"Disappointingly easy," very oxymoronic. 

We all want it to be easy. We pray that it will be easy.

That one thing we want to get in life. Love, job, joy, money. If it would just come easy...

However, I have found, if it hasn't come "easy" there is probably an internal twist somewhere.

Something inside us that actually does not want it to be easy. 

That is intentionally resisting the ease.

"Heresy Bryce! Heresy!" 

Not so dear friend, not so. 

"Easy" can be scary. It can mean we have power.

It means we have to choose. It means we GET to choose. 

It means we have total responsibility over our lives. 

Find the twist and watch the ease flow. 

Oh, and fyi, the twist is just waiting to be discovered. 

All you have to do is look.




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