Limiting limitations

The fact is that this universe and it's contents are so vast we will never be able to comprehend it all. We won't. And this is due to limited vision and perception. We don't have the the tools, we don't have the comprehension, we simply don't have the ability. 

And that's pretty amazing. 

Because once we realize we can't possibly fathom the endlessness of this universe, we are free. 

It is like getting permission to think in the grandest terms. To believe in that which we wouldn't. To explore and journey beyond any material limits. 

See if there are any parts of your life where there are limitations in place. Money, Love, Job, Time, Children, Spirituality, Body, etc.

And then blow those limits out of the water. These limitations are so...limiting. So, small. So, silly compared to the evolving cosmos we are a part of.

Then look up to the heavens and laugh. Knowing we truly have no idea the potential of what our lives can be like. 

But sure as hell willing to try. Time to be Big. 



Bryce KennedyComment