2.2 Seconds to survive

Ever since the days of the hunters and gatherers, we've been programmed to think on our feet. 

We needed this quick analysis to survive. To assess the situation.

Will I be eaten? Can I kill the beast? How far to shelter? Is this water safe? Is this a threat?

And funny enough, we still have these instincts. However, they don't really quite serve us the same way as they used to. 

Assessment has now turned into judgment. And judgment actually blocks assessment. 

Take me for example. In about 2.2 seconds I will Judge a person without even realizing it. 

It still comes from a "survival" mentality but now it's born from insecurities. 

Smarter or stupider? 
Richer or poorer?
Stronger or weaker?
Liked or disliked?
Good looking or ugly?

This judgement takes less than 2.2 seconds. And it serves no purpose at all. 

All it does is close me off to what's really there. The Truth of the person. 

The key is to catch is and drop it. When I feel that I have a complete handle on the person I now realize that there is a fear of vulnerability and closing on my part. 

So, instead of Judging them, I now feel whatever is coming up, let it have it's moment and then carry on with my day. 

I strive to see them on a purely human level and let their Trueness unfold. And 9 times out of 10, I am wildly surprised at who they are. 

Without my judgment and need to "survive."




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