Something Holding Us Back?.

Being consumed is a very scary prospect. Consumed by love. Consumed by consciousness. Consumed by transformation. Consumed by Truth. 

The totality of "all in."

But many of us have hooks that keep us from being consumed. Things that pull us out.  That tell us to STOP. But why? Why fear Truth, Love, Transformation.

Well, they are there for a reason. Maybe we've gone too deep before. Gone overboard. Lost ourselves. 

And so an internal hook is formed. It helps throttle the descent into consumption. To keep us from going over the edge.

While that hook once protected us, it may be the exact thing holding us back now. The hook protected us from being consumed from something misaligned. Toxic love, drugs, booze, abuse, destruction. 

But, now we are on a path of transformation. We are going for total alignment. We are going for Bigness. For Truth. For unbridled US. 

If you are having difficulties getting to where you want to be in life, see if there is an old hook. A hook that once protected you but now no longer serves you. It's in the hook that lies freedom.  

Acknowledge it. Feel it.

Then prepared to be consumed.  



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