Simple Yes, Easy No

If I could, I would plop out of bed around 11am, eat a sheet of cinnamon rolls, watch terrible sappy romcoms, order a Hawaiian style pizza (ham and pineapple), and down a pint of caramel chocolate cookie dough ice cream.

Every. Single. Day. Of. My. Life. 


There is a part of me that loves the darkness. The indulgence. The drama. The self-inflicted suffering. 

And there is also another part of me that is insanely anal. I want things done. 5 minutes ago. I want it to be perfect. I want order. I want drive. I want ritual. I want rules and laws. I want boxes. I want no change. No grey zones. A yes or a no. Black and white. 

But, alas, that's no good either. 

The goal for me, in this wild life, is to find that balance. The middle- where the magic is. It's taking the good qualities of both and combining them. The higher modes, if you will. 

So my combination is simple, indulge in the work I do. Figure out what makes people tick. Where can they grow. How can they live no limits. What needs to happen that has never happened before. Where do we need to go!

Anything less and it just won't sync. At least for me. And that's because I swing so far in every direction. The only way to engage both beasts is to combine, combine, combine. 

The key is to see both extremes. Don't judge. Figure out how to combine and then explode into glory. 

Simple as that...



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