The 30 Minute Life

We want to live in the moment because, well, it's the only moment. 

Dwelling on the past and the future only leads to neurosis. But we all do it. 

In order to counter that, try living in 30 minute chunks. As if you had an entire lifetime in 30 minutes.

Set a timer for, you got it, 30 minutes. And in that 30 minutes, try to maximize the hell out of it. 

No, not necessarily with work. But life. 

You don't need to leave the office or neglect your kids. 

But, how much can you live in that 30 minutes?

How much can you feel?

How much can you believe?

How much can you forgive and let go?

How proud, joyful, fulfilled, laughing, fun loving, grateful, roaring, can you be?

How much of you can be? 

If you only had 30 minutes in the current framework of your life, how much could you expand in it? 

And once the 30 minutes is done, begin again. 

You have 48 lifetimes in a day.

Damn, that's magic. 



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