The Drug Smuggler

When I was working for the Department of Justice, we had this one case where an international drug smuggler was incarcerated and was waiting to be tried. 

My boss and I went to the prison to depose him and get his version of the story for the record. 

The guy starts off by saying that he was a crop duster and that the drug cartel forced him into being a smuggler. They killed his brother. Held his kids hostage and threatened to systematically kill everyone else in his family if he didn't smuggle drugs for them. He had no choice. 

I was dumbfounded. I barely could breathe. 

My boss told me he was guilty and he broke the law. He did. That was true. 

But, what about his family? They'll probably be killed. It wasn't our problem. 

I had one of the most coveted positions a D.C. lawyer could have. I was young. I was working on massive drug cases. I was busting the terrorist "bad guys." I was the only non-ivy leaguer in the building. I was set. 

And yet, about 2 weeks later, I was done. I didn't go back. Because this not only happened once but almost every single week.  

I was this close to being a "big time" lawyer. This close. 

But, I couldn't do it. I was absolutely heartbroken. Heartbroken. I couldn't shake it. It went against the core and fiber of everything I was. And if I stayed, "I" would have disappeared for a very long time. "I" would have become something very different. 

This is not meant to be a critique of the legal system or morality. It is not meant to be a right or wrong. 

It is simply meant to show you how easily we can disappear into a life that is not our own. One that has promises of "greatness." "I" was not meant to be in that position. "I" knew.

The "I" always knows the Truth...

And nothing but the Truth. 



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