Pushing out the nonsense of the world

Everyday I write a post. Everyday before I do, I light a candle, I meditate, I open my heart, and I write. 

I do it every single time. 

And every single time I do, there is a feeling of solidity and quiet. It has grown since I first started. My body and heart know what to do. 

The importance of a personal ritual cannot be emphasized enough. 

When you choose to do something, everyday, without fail, you are building a muscle within yourself. 

And when this muscle grows, you get stronger. You feel more confident, more joy, more Truth. 

But more importantly, you get to feel You. 

The nonsense of the world, which is weak, cannot permeate your strength. 

Start to see which parts of life need a little strengthening. See where the nonsense of the world creeps in, daily. Start there. 

And never stop. 

Bryce KennedyComment