AT 12:15pm EST...


There are those moments in time where anything is possible.

Paupers turn into kings and queens. Victims into victors. The lost into leaders.

Today is that moment. At 12:15pm est the Spring Equinox occurs. Some believe that this is the closest time that celestial realms will be to earth. Making this a day for anything to happen. ANYTHING. 

It is a day to aspire from the deepest parts of yourself. The parts that know what they want. 

It is also a day to let go. To release a lifetime of misery. Of patterns. Of chaos that has held you back. 

I can't into I CAN.
No into YES.
Suffering into Love.
Poverty into abundance.
Sickness into health.
Trapped thinking into endless possibilities.
Fear into hope. Smallness into bigness.

No magic into motherfucking unicorn riding, rainbow drinking, fairy kissing, pot o' gold wishing, sorcerer conjuring, angel dancing, alchemy making, decision making, responsibility choosing, no more bullshitting, power owning, no limits thinking, I AM'ing, YOU! End of story. 

Now, you don't need to believe in any of this. This could all be made up. However, I'm asking you for this one moment, believe. And then go on your merry way. 

But, from 12:00-12:30, If you can find 15 minutes to meditate, making sure it crosses the threshold of 12:15, I have a feeling it will be worth it. For those 15 minutes, believe. That's it. 

It all could change in a snap. That's magic. That's choosing. 



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