True Accountability

Sometimes you simply need someone to hold you accountable. And sometimes that's all you need. Motivation. Strategy. Accountability. 

You don't necessarily need a deep dive. You just want to work on something at your own pace while being held accountable. 

I created a program called True Accountability. It is meant to help you achieve what you want in a very accessible manner. Simple and powerful:

1. Once a month we have a 30 minute call to create and plan what the month is going to look like. We will go over mindset and action steps needed for this. 

2. At the end of each week, you write an email telling me what you accomplished and anything you went through that you need help with. 

3. I write back or send a recording of my advice and thoughts on any course corrections for the week to keep getting you the results you want. 

4. Total access to all recorded webinars, downloadable guided meditations, and feng shui videos. 

Use the call and 4 emails anyway you see fit. But the purpose is to advance in a direction to get what you want, now.

Anyone who has worked with me knows I don't forget and I don't let people hide. 

We are here to work and succeed.

It's $200 per month and is a recurring payment until you decide to opt out. There is no long term commitment. No penalties for leaving. It's yours for the taking. 

I'm choosing to do this for a handful of people and will be kept to a small number per month. 

Please email me with any questions and if interested, SIGN UP HERE.  



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